Biryani buckets, designer bags and jewelry

Paloma, Dr Preethi & Aru at the launch of Dr Preethi Udhayaraja’s dental and aesthetic studio

The heat may be on, but the party continues! Everyone pulled out their summer best and persevered, with Eid launches, parties and celebrations. Of course, that meant pictures of biryani and haleem floated all over our timelines. As the boxes of food began to arrive, I wondered if I could manifest it. Powers of wishful thinking, huh? Another friend joked that she was taking matters into her own hands. “Want to biryani? Ordered biryani. Eat biryani. The end!”

One of the big gatherings this week was the launch of Purple Chameleon, a new watering hole in Phoenix Market City. Everyone was there, from bloggers to partygoers, all dressed up and posing for the cameras. The super colorful interiors meant those who missed it were treated to plenty of videos of the new space, on Instagram. We saw many of the same faces earlier in the week at The Folly for a special showcase of Veev, an exclusive collection of handwoven leather bags. I haven’t seen so many “influencers” in one place at one time, but after getting a small “sample” with the invite, I guess it was just too hard to resist. While I loved the neutral colored classics, the bright yellow and lime green bags were a big hit.

Kamna & Shruti at Purple Chameleon

Then there was the launch of AVR Swarna Mahal Jewelers in Anna Nagar, where summery and light dresses were exchanged for saris. Congratulations to all the ladies for trying their best, we’ve seen everything from heavy kanjeevarams to delicate rags, styled in so many different ways. And even if you think opening day just means “take a look,” you’re sadly mistaken. Many guests didn’t need convincing at all, heading to their favorite jewelry.

Madness Anubha, Amethyst

Preetha at the launch of AVR Swarna Mahal Jewelers

We ended the week with the launch of Dr. Preethi Udhayaraja’s dental and aesthetic studio. The chic new space is a one-stop-shop for Invisalign dental, skin and hair. Preethi herself gave us the grand tour, as we took selfies around every corner. With so many reflective surfaces in sight, who could blame us.