Easter Bake Sale and Puzzle Swap Planned at Redwood Valley Grange – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Everyone is invited to the Redwood Valley Grange, 8650 East Road, to enjoy the annual Easter Bake Sale on Saturday, April 16 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For over 25 years, the Grange has sponsored the popular annual Easter Bake Sale. This year, Easter baked goods will be on sale inside Redwood Valley Grange Hall. Baked goods offerings for sale will include a variety of pies and cupcakes, plain or decorated for Easter or spring. This bake sale can make it easier for those of you who might need some help with your Easter baking. In addition to traditional recipes, there will be gluten-free and grain-free options as well as vegan and dairy-free choices.

Gift bags at the bake sale.

The annual Easter Bake Sale will be presented as a family day at the Grange. There will be a free puzzle swap and free ToGo Craft activity bags available for children over 3 years old. Since the pandemic, puzzles have become extremely popular and the Grange has sponsored puzzle exchanges over the past couple of years with great success. Bring your puzzles that you are ready to trade and visualize the puzzles that you might want to take home. The Free Bountiful Food Exchange, which has taken place at the Grange every two months since the start of the pandemic, will also be featured to include current garden offerings.

For more information: Facebook, Redwood Valley Grange No. 382 or call Patti, 707-367-0693.