Kobi Levi Pivots Creativity to Coronavirus-Themed Handbag Collection

Kobi Levi, internationally renowned designer and graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, has found the theme of his latest handbag collection: the coronavirus. “Why go to work to create something that, at first glance, the public doesn’t really need right now? He asked, adding that he saw his mission as reviving a “deserted” prop. His latest collection includes a “Face It” handbag in the shape of a face mask.

Levi has already designed shoes for Lady Gaga, Fergie and, most recently, Netta Barzilai. Another of his bags, “Lock Down”, is shaped like a padlock. For Levi, joy and creativity come from being inspired by the world around him. It’s all about finding items that serve as symbols, and no item does that as well as a face mask yet. The “Face It” handbag was inspired by Levi seeing the people around him holding their masks like a bag. Levi started out with shoes, designing them for 14 years before receiving an email asking him to design shoes for Lady Gaga’s music video for the song “Born This Way”.

“I like to mix the line between art and design,” Levi said in a 2015 shoe interview. “The shapes” of the shoes, he said, “were interesting – and I loved that you could wear them too. It’s not just something lying around and collecting dust.

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